jason c dukes

for life-giving purpose together.

i offer customized
learning and coaching
on decentralized faith
and decentralized finance
for individuals and teams.

i provide creative and strategic
consulting for brands.

i create content and write copy
on faith, culture, tech, and SEC hoops.

i tell dad jokes.

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My name is Jason. My wife, our 7 kids, one yellow lab, and I reside in the Nashville, TN area. Our kids consider me to be an expert pancake and popcorn maker, although they highly question my dad joke expertise.
I believe my purpose is to equip people to be life-givers.
Over the years, I have been affirmed as a strategist, communicator, writer, futurist, content creator, starter, leadership developer, team-builder, and educator. I have started non-profits, churches, businesses, networks, leadership residencies, podcasts, and even a lawn mowing business at age 13.

I’ve also written a few books as well as a lot of articles and PRs and research reports, some of which you can find links to below.
Most recently, I have been Content Lead for TRONDAO.org, the largest Decentralized Autonomous Organization on Earth, representing a public blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem with the second largest Total Value Locked (TVL) among all blockchains, next to Ethereum, and the most daily active users for any DeFi network.
My diverse experiences give me a

That's why I created DECENTRAFIVE - to empower and inspire decentralized faith and decentralized finance via five-minute learning videos and five coaching tracks for individuals as well as teams from churches, nonprofits, and companies. This matters right now more than most realize, because of the emerging reality I call the 2nd Renaissance and the Decentralized Industrial Revolution.

I enjoy creating content and writing copy on faith, FinTech, DeFi, AI, SEC basketball, movies, music, and culture.
On the side, I am:
(1) an adjunct professor at Belmont University, where I taught the first ever blockchain and NFT tech course.
(2) a church and non-profit speaker, equipper, and strategist
(3) a Juice Plus+ and whole health advocate, which also includes Tower Gardens (holler if you're curious).
(4) Batman (but one of these is not true).

My overall EXPERIENCES include:
:: 25 years married and 21 years as a dad

:: 25 years of leadership and equipping experience

:: 25 years as an on-stage communicator

:: 19 years as a published author on the page and online

:: 19 years in brand and marketing and content strategy

:: 17 years as a nonprofit starter and strategist

:: 15 years as a network founder and coach

:: 14 years in podcasting

:: 10 years as a business starter and strategist

:: 10 years as a college professor

:: 7 years as a high school basketball coach

:: 4 years as a high school teacher

:: 3 years as a strategist and communicator in blockchain tech


How A.I. Imagines the Bible
The 2nd Renaissance & Decentralized Revolution
What Is Crypto?
Metaverse: Boom or Bust?
It’s a Node, Silly Mouse

Live Sent: you are a letter
Inviting Along
beyond My church
Gospel Project | The Mission: Making Disciples
Gospel Project | Kingdom Come: Divine Revolution

[ Some of my FAVES]
(after dating my wife and hanging with my kids)
light roast is best, plus it has more caffeine
mainly reds, not too dry, not too sweet, just right
Duke, Celtics, Warriors
Andrew Peterson, hebron, John Mayer, Ellie Holcomb, Jon Batiste, Twenty One Pilots, Nick Box, Keane Wang, Ludovico Einauldi, Taylor Swift, Colony House, Half Alive, Stephan Moccio, Andy Mineo, Will Smith, NF, Fleurie, Ryan Ellis, Stephen Stanley
Les Mis, Mary Poppins, Hamilton, Hamlet, All My Sons
T.S. Eliot, Frost, Maya Angelou, Wendell Berry
Caravaggio, Zancan, Natalie Larode, Monet, van Gogh, Chris Wallace
Princess Bride, TENET, La La Land, The Dark Knight, Lincoln, The Batman, The Darkest Hour, Mary Poppins, Little Women, Oppenheimer, Pride and Prejudice, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
- i grew up in New Orleans :)
soul food, Saints football, jazz, pralines, Mardi Gras, King Cake


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